Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Days.

So I arrived to Thailand safe and sound. The plane ride and layovers were brutal though.

Lets start from the beginning:

So Alayna and I fly from Reno to San Francisco..pshh easy, no problems. Then we have a SEVEN hour layover in San Francisco and the other Rotary people don’t get in for at least another 3 hours, and of course we have been up for awhile so we are totally out of it.

Trying to find the terminal/gate for Seoul, Korea now that was hard. I think we had gone up and down the hallway at least 3 times trying to find the right gate. Finally we decided to stop at a random domestic gate and Alayna rested while I just relaxed and killed time. We go down one more time and finally we get the answer we need, and it turns out we were completely on the opposite side of where we needed to be.

As we are waiting in the lobby of Korean Air this swarm of RYES come toward us. We had finally found our fellow RYES.

The flight was definitely looooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, but the end result was amazing.

Boom, Por, his friend, and Ween were waiting at the airport with a HUGE sign that said “Jillian”.

I was beyond excited.

We went driving around until we found something to eat.

I stayed in Bangkok for one night? and then I went shopping with everyone. Later that evening my host mom and dad came and I stayed the night at a hotel. Boom left the next day and we drove all the way to Yasothon. It was a looonnnnnggggg drive, but I survived. I stayed one night in Yasothon and then we drove to Luengnokta and we will stay here til Monday morning I think.

Sorry I have been so busy that I haven’t written, so everything that I have done is kinda brief and short and crammed up into one blog.

I know..I NEED to take pictures :P

Sawaddii kha.

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