Friday, October 29, 2010

Browsing Blissful Bangkok

Soooo…sorry about not blogging like since forever, but nothing really great has happened and I haven’t really taken any pictures recently..that is until I went to Bangkok!

This is who I went with:

My host brother Paow, he is 15.



We went shopping! That is always fun! There was a huge version of a trash.


We went to the movie theaters and saw some owl movie in IMAX 3D. This is a looks like poo!


We also went to the night markets. Along the way there was a cool temple, pillar and building. There was one night market with lots of foreigners. That made my night! :D

012 014 015 016 019 020 021 022

I had some Pa Thai or however you spell it and some delicious egg rolls!

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We also went to the fish spa, where the little tiny fish clean the dead skin off your feet. Both of us could not stop laughing and Paow kept squirming. It tickled soooo much!

030 031 032 (2) 033 034 035 036 037 038

And by the end of the night I finally got what I was longing for…

 045 046 

 048 047044

A nice slice of pizza! :)



Until next time…

Sawaddii kha.

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  1. Pizza, temples, the Grand Palace, night market, shopping and that sure looks like a good time to me. You look beautiful!